Misc Adidas Originals Gazelle Gets A Retro Update In Its Latest Iteration

Adidas Originals Gazelle Gets A Retro Update In Its Latest Iteration

When it comes to fashion-forward silhouettes, Adidas is never behind in the race. The footwear giant has been rapidly throwing new iterations of its iconic pieces our way since forever. This brand is one that everyone knows of – from your grandpa to the youngest sportsperson in your life.
The latest of it, in this regard, is that the triple stripes label has breathed new life into its Gazelle sneaker once again. The original version of this trainer was created years back, and in the recent months since December, we’ve already seen several popular new iterations of the Adidas Originals Gazelle.
The new Gazelle shoe that has dropped recently comes with a retro makeover. If you’re planning for another round of sneaker shopping, this pair is one that you should add to your to-buy list. It has a white and black overall design that is sure to look chic with any outfit. Paired with shorts, khaki or denim, it is bound to accentuate any look, any time.
The polka dot print that the upper of this shoe is covered in aligns with this year’s trend of worshipping vintage in fashion. The sneaker has been designed in collaboration with The FARM Company, which is a Brazilian firm. The print’s inspiration comes from passinho which is the Portuguese term for Brazil’s famous street dance ‘Little Step.’
Despite the rather basic colorway of this shoe, it wouldn’t just go with your white and black outfits. There’s no saying no to the fact that this sneaker is what summer dreams look like. Since the style of the sneaker is not high-top, it allows you to slip your feet in and out conveniently. The print itself though, is for every season.
After all, despite being considered retro, polka dots have more or less been timeless. The pair would look equally dapper with colored attires as well. A tip? Wear these shoes with a not-so retro outfit. Fashion rules don’t lean in the favor of an overall vintage look. Rather you can give a modish dress, a hint of retro with this pair.
This Adidas Originals Gazelle sneaker has a white, slightly textured midsole. The insoles of the shoes are also white while gold branding reading Gazelle runs parallel to the three black stripes on one sidewall. The tongue of the shoe is white, holding the brand’s logo at its top. The heel has a black patch which also has the Adidas logo drawn on it.
While you’re checking these out, we hope you haven’t missed the popular previous versions of the Gazelle sneaker. Gazelle came out in Collegiate Burgundy in October last year, Ash Pearl (pink) and Orchard Tint (purple) in December and reworked with the Stitch & Turn technique of the brand in February this year.
Cop the latest Adidas Originals Gazelle with a polka dot patterned upper for approx. $94. Available at only select retailers. Make your move fast; you wouldn’t want to miss out this beauty.