Misc The 3 Best Slip-On Sneakers For This Season

The 3 Best Slip-On Sneakers For This Season

Slip-on sneakers are made for summers. The warm season calls for shoes that can be worn in a hassle-free manner and provide breathability too. Slip-ons do just that. You can just slip your foot in and not have to worry about tying laces up or taking hours untying the shoelace knots.
Also, they don’t require socks which is an undeniable plus point. That said, like every other year, this one’s summer has brought with itself a whole crowd of slip-on sneakers too, that we’re totally obsessed with. These slip-on sneakers are not just stellar looks wise; they win in the comfort and flexibility departments too. Here’s a list of our favorites.
Reebok DMX Fusion AFF
Reebok has given its DMX Fusion sneakers a chic makeover. The new iteration doesn’t only have the addition of AFF in front of its name. It’s also way snazzier, and way more weather appropriate. It’s got both the looks and the functionality. The upper of the shoe features elastic straps for lockdown and support.
The outsole is sturdy and comes with the EVA form that is known for its comfort. The overall color of the sneaker is white, but it also has hints of yellow and black making it an eye-catchy piece. With a modish design and a lively spirit, this pair of slip-on sneakers definitely has our thumbs up.
Vans Vault OG Classic Slip-On LX in Leopard and Cow Prints
It’s no secret that animal prints have been a favorite among the masses since the beginning of time. The prints are classic and stylish. Luckily Vans Vault has given its OG Classic Slip-On LX sneakers a new look that is covered in cow and leopard inspired prints. One color is black and white while the other is brown and white.
Another pair of Vans Vault shoes has also been given the same patterned attention; the OG Authentic LX pair. The sneakers boast a rubber gum midsole while the outsole has a waffle construction. The canvas upper is superior in more ways than one. Tonal detailing takes its place, making the pair look ever cooler.
Nike SB Zoom Janoski HT Slip-On in British Tan
If you’re looking for a pair of slip-on sneakers that is comfortable, snazzy, and comes from a renowned label – this is the shoe. Perfect to complete your business casual look, the Nike SB Zoom Janoski HT Slip-On can be your partner from day to night. On busy days, this shoe helps avoid hassle. Slip in the sneakers easily.
The British Tan color is the latest one. It’s all tan minus the cupsole which is white, and the lacing system which is bright blue. The shoe features the signature Nike tick mark embossed on the sides while the Janoski logo sits at the tongue. All perfect; the suede upper can be a challenge to keep clean though.
Summing up, our list of fav slip-ons holds Vans, Nike, and Reebok, three brands that always excel at giving us footwear choices that we can’t deny.