Misc The Best Latest Running Shoes; Nike, Adidas, and Puma

The Best Latest Running Shoes; Nike, Adidas, and Puma

The sneakers you wear every day are not meant for running purposes. They’re more for the show. However, since the birth of the sneaker industry was owing to sports, we have a whole lot of running kicks making their way to the market every year. These offer better traction, higher propulsion, flexibility, comfort, and functionality. With designs getting better and better, in terms of both looks and practicality, the competition is pretty tough. That said, here are our top three picks from the latest batch of running shoes.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo

Meet the new and updated version of the Zoom Pegasus sneaker; this one is better in more ways than one. Featuring a ZoomX midsole that offers a superior response, and an aerodynamic heel, these new running kicks are here for everyday runners. The pair has a translucent upper with Flywire cable system installed that allows for firmer footing. The rubber outsole is designed to react to impact better, and the Nike Reach Foam that has been given to this model makes it more durable.

A thick red stripe runs vertically across the middle from top to mid bottom, red swooshes also take their place on the sidewalls, giving fans an idea that this pair can help them zoom toward the finish line. Unlike previous pairs of running shoes, these ones don’t feature a carbon-fiber plate as suggested by runners.

Adidas Adizero Boston 7

With BOOST cushioning that provides ample support, a Continental rubber outsole that offers impressive traction, and just the right amount of comfort plus style, the Adidas Adizero Boston 7 sneakers are a runner’s dream come true. The name of the footwear option itself suggests the speed it grants. The sneakers are amazingly durable making them the right choice when you have a long race or a lot of runs to complete.

The best part? These sneakers enclose the feet snugly, and they are also lightweight like a breeze. Expect to feel like you’re walking on air. The tongue holds the signature B.A.A. logo, Boston landmarks take their spot on the detachable sock liner whereas the unicorn that represents the Boston Marathon is drawn on the shoe’s heel.

Puma Hybrid Runner

If you cannot at all compromise on the looks of your running sneakers, then the new Puma Hybrid Runner shoes would be a perfect fit for you. These feature an eye-catchy design while offering apt functionality as well. The dual midsole provides just the right propulsion, enabling you to run faster. So, it’s bouncy but also comfortable. With a mediocre amount of cushioning, a lacing system that ensures a cozy fitting, and a soft knit upper, this shoe is quite the boss.

The sneaker features beads as part of NRGY midsole, adding to the overall charm of the design. But know that the bumpy midsole is not just for gaining style points; the shoe gets its responsiveness owing to this very beaded sole. The outsole offers durability. Overall, the shoe also provides flexibility albeit the traction offered is average.