Misc The Puma Suede Heart Kimono Sneakers Have Arrived In Two Colorways

The Puma Suede Heart Kimono Sneakers Have Arrived In Two Colorways

Puma has always been one to impress. Whether we’re talking about the footwear giant’s
collaborations with Selena Gomez or its latest suede line, it has been a trendsetter when it comes to
blending style and functionality.
The brand that has made a name for itself by being a favorite of masses has introduced a new chic
pair of sneakers called the Puma Suede Heart Kimono sneakers. With the shoe’s sidewalls featuring
embroidery inspired by the Japanese art and a ribbon-bow laced through the eyelets, this pair gains
max style points.
The Puma Suede Heart Kimono sneakers are a classier and way more detailed version compared to
the previous members of Puma’s Suede Heart collection. We’ve seen Puma create similar silhouettes
in quilted and satin designs in the past, but this piece has undoubtedly surpassed them all. The
embroidery features a huge crane amidst large flowers.
The floral details align perfectly with the spring-summer trends of this year, whereas the ribbon-style
shoelaces add a touch of edgy and cute to the overall look. The pair comes in two colorways; red and
white. The Puma logo reads loud and proud in gold on the sides, heel, and tongue of the shoes.
Moreover, the brand-new footwear option also manages to be comfortable and a perfect fit. The
off-white midsole of the shoe makes sure that the rest of the colors stand out. If you’re the sort of
girl who is on the lookout for shoes that can, not only allow her to walk without tripping but also
catch appreciative looks, then this pair is for you.
In combination with a dress, these shoes will serve preppy-chic goals. When paired with jeans and a
tee, the feminine outlook of the Puma Suede Heart Kimono sneakers will soften your style. Whether
you’re off to hang out with friends or just strolling around town, these Puma shoes will ensure that
you don’t have to compromise on keeping your look snazzy.
The Puma Suede Heart range has been dropping unique pairs of sneakers starting last year. Till date,
we’ve seen a number of luxe styles with one factor common among the entire assortment; the silky
ribbon laces looped through the eyelets and sitting on the midfoot in the shape of a bow.
We’ve seen the touch of floral embroidery in the very same line as well, albeit in a very different
form. The Puma Basket Heart and Basket Platform sneakers that came out in April this year also had
flowers gracing the sidewalls.
Whereas, other iterations of the collection come sans any such prominent details. So, if you’re one
for simplicity, you can opt for pastel forms of the same shoe minus the embroidery, plus the
signature ribbon-bow laces.
You can cop the Puma Suede Heart Kimono sneakers from footwear retailers for approximately USD
107. Pro tip: suede can be a difficult material to maintain. Make sure you follow all care instructions
and avoid sporting the pair in rain or goo.